Wicked 18 Golf At A Discount

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Wicked 18 Golf SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work! 

Welcome to Wicked 18 – the most intimidating, most mind-bending golf course ever devised. It’s every golfer’s worst nightmare. Mountains that soar hundreds of feet in the air. Canyons that pin you in on all sides. Huge, mysterious objects that hang down from the sky, ready to bat back any high-flying drive.
You’ll need a lot more than luck to conquer this monster – a cool head, superior strategy, and an unbeatable touch with every club. Fortunately, Wicked 18 gives you the precision tools you need. You can add backspin or topspin to any shot. Change your stance and aim to adjust for the wind. And you’ll always have a caddy by your side to give you advice when you’re in a tough spot.


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