Cheap Simpsons Krusty’s Super Funhouse On Sale Online

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Simpsons Krusty’s Super Funhouse SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

Hey kids! Give a hoot! Help out your old pal Krusty the Clown! Krusty’s Fun House is infested with rats! There are over 60 levels in this game, and they’re all crawling with the little varmints! I’ve got my loyal cadets, Bart and Home Simpson, Sideshow Mel, and Corporal Punishment to guard the rat traps, but I need you to lead the filthy rodents into those traps! Then we blow ’em up! We incinerate ’em! We laser-blast’em! We electrocute’em! We Krusterize the little stinkers!!! Hoo boy!


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